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In a sense, Thyme is the garden’s mascot at “Thyme on 43rd.” It appears throughout the garden, represented by at least five varieties – in pleasing carpets that edge the walkway up to the entrance gates, as matted islands of purple swelling across a neutral floor of wood and stone, and tucked between stepping stones of basalt and granite paths.

As with all things in “Thyme on 43rd,” the prominence of thyme is no accident. When naming the garden, Evelyn played around with a number of ideas, but liked the connection to the word, “time.” Apart from the obvious play on words between “time” and “thyme,” the name was chosen to reflect the deeper purpose or meaning behind why the garden was built: to create a place where one can take the time for rest and relaxation; to provide a sense of peace.

“Thyme on 43rd” is not only the garden’s promise, it’s an invitation. Naturally, once inside the garden, it’s impossible not to feel the mind slow down – so powerful is the calming effect of water, stone and tree. But in order to enjoy the space that this new sense of peace creates, we must, of course, grant ourselves permission to take the time for a visit in the first place.

This is the garden’s invitation to us all; to take time in our lives to slow down, to notice the sensation of not feeling rushed, and, perhaps, if we’re lucky, to experience peace.

“In the garden he wished to create the attitude of a newly-awakened soul still lingering amid shadowy dreams of the past, yet bathing in the sweet unconsciousness of a mellow spiritual light and yearning for the freedom that lay in the expanse beyond.” OKAKURA KAKUZO.