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Evelyn Faulkner

by Mar 23, 2020

Evelyn Faulkner

Harmony. Healing. Relaxation. Tranquility. These are some of the feelings visitors have expressed when visiting Evelyn Faulkner’s beautiful Japanese Garden at Thyme On 43rd.

Evelyn was born into an agricultural family. She grew up in the Fraser Valley and has lived in the region her entire life. Gardening and connecting with the land has always played a vital role for Evelyn and continues to be a passion even now. After traveling extensively and experiencing many of the world’s wonders, Evelyn embarked on a mission to create a serene, natural space that would offer visitors the opportunity to escape the everyday stresses of life.

After a lengthy search for the right person to bring her idea to life, Evelyn connected with master Japanese landscape craftsman, Hayato Ogawa. After six years of designing, landscaping, and carefully integrating mature trees and plants into her 1.25 acre garden in Langley, Thyme on 43rd was completed.

Today, Evelyn invites artists, authors, composers, business travellers, garden enthusiasts, photographers and anyone looking for a tranquil setting to book their visit to Thyme on 43rd. This world class Japanese garden is a place where visitors can work, wander, sit or stroll, meditate, relax and be inspired.

Guests have marveled at the meticulously groomed plants and trees as well as the soothing sounds and sights of the magnificent water features. Evelyn’s original goal to create a remarkable oasis where guests can experience an outdoor space – “where body and nature harmonize” – has been realized.

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