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“There is nothing more agreeable in a garden than good shade, and without it, a garden is nothing.” ~ Betty Langley

Even with the sun at its zenith, the garden at Thyme on 43rd is remarkably cool and fresh. Not only do the layers of unique trees and plants create a stunning tapestry of green, they provide a welcome respite from the summer heat.

Garden designer Hayato Ogawa has masterfully crafted a multi-layered space using tree, stone and water. To create the feeling of a mature garden, Ogawa brought in many larger trees, some imported from as far away as Japan.

Unlike many other newly-constructed gardens, there are plenty of places to sit back and enjoy the cool freshness of this mature garden. You could pull up a soft, cushioned chair under a protective canopy of twining wisteria. Bring a picnic lunch, and listen to the gentle gurgle of pebbled streams as moving water freshens the air around you. Or settle in with a good book for a lazy afternoon in the “Azumaya,” an open air Japanese gazebo. Enjoy the sound of the breeze moving the bamboo foliage planted at the back of the gazebo, screening your sitting area with shade.

For contemplative types, there are connecting pathways for walking meditation. Paths lead over bridges of stone and wood, beside water, and under the dappled shade of Japanese maples. Or bring a friend and sit comfortably in front of a rushing waterfall for a memorable afternoon of relaxed, private conversation.

One of the nicest things about Thyme on 43rd is how private it is. The garden, with its mature maples and beautiful weeping katsura trees, offers an opportunity for truly uninterrupted solitude, a cool oasis tucked away from the pressures of the outside world. Stay for an hour. Or stay for three. Time really does stand still at Thyme on 43rd.

To experience a cool garden retreat, simply contact Evelyn Faulkner at 604 534-5902 to book your private appointment.

Abby Palmer is a garden writer living in Fort Langley, B.C. You can visit her at www.greenslate.ca