Evelyn Faulkner

Harmony. Healing. Relaxation. Tranquility. These are the experiences you will enjoy when you spend time in Evelyn Faulkner’s beautiful Japanese garden at Thyme on 43rd.

Born into an agricultural family, living in the Fraser Valley, gardening has always been an important part of Evelyn’s life. After extensive traveling and experiencing many of the world’s wonders, Evelyn embarked on a mission to create a serene space where visitors can come to escape the everyday stresses of life. After a lengthy search for the perfect fit, Evelyn connected with master Japanese landscape craftsman, Hayato Ogawa. Now six years later, the 1.25 acre garden at Thyme on 43rd is complete.

Evelyn invites artists, authors, composers, business travelers, garden enthusiasts and anyone looking for a tranquil setting to book their visit to Thyme on 43rd; a place where they can work, meditate, relax and be inspired. Visitors will marvel at the meticulously pruned plants and trees and be soothed by the magnificant water features. Guests will experience the feeling of ” where body and nature harmonize” and leave refreshed and rejuvinated.