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Japanese Red Pine

Japanese Red Pine

Known as “Akamatsu” and “Mematsu” in Japan, the Japanese red pine is native to Japan, Korea, northeastern China, and the extreme southern regions of Russia. The red pine is cultivated widely in Japan for its timber production, but it is also grown for its ornamental qualities, and plays an important part in the classic Japanese […]

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Acer Shirasawanum “Autumn Moon”

Acer Shirasawanum “Autumn Moon”

The dramatic foliage of this maple makes it a must for any Japanese maple collector. It has inconspicuous flowers in spring, with bright, chartreuse leaves in summer, with tomato-red tipped leaves in midsummer. The foliage deepens to a gorgeous deep, rich orange-red in fall. It stands up well to heat compared to some Japanese maples. […]

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A Day in the Shade at Thyme on 43rd

A Day in the Shade at Thyme on 43rd

“There is nothing more agreeable in a garden than good shade, and without it, a garden is nothing.” ~ Betty Langley Even with the sun at its zenith, the garden at Thyme on 43rd is remarkably cool and fresh. Not only do the layers of unique trees and plants create a stunning tapestry of green, […]

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Varieties at

Varieties at “Thyme on 43rd”

Thymus serpyllum elfin This variety has fragrant foliage, and purple-pink blooms which appear in early to late summer. As it can tolerate light foot traffic, this species looks beautiful growing in cracks between stepping stones, spilling over walls, or grown in rock gardens. It also provides flair as an edging plant. Thymus doerflen bressingham Attractive […]

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What's Blooming Now: It's

What’s Blooming Now: It’s “Thyme” to Shine

Thanks to balmy temperatures in May, followed by heavy June rains, the gardens at “Thyme on 43rd” are flourishing. This month, it’s Thyme’s time to shine. Thyme is a genus of about 350 species of aromatic perennial and herbaceous plants. Native to central Europe and the Mediterranean, Thyme thrives in full sun and prefers dry […]

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What's In a Name?

What’s In a Name?

In a sense, Thyme is the garden’s mascot at “Thyme on 43rd.” It appears throughout the garden, represented by at least five varieties – in pleasing carpets that edge the walkway up to the entrance gates, as matted islands of purple swelling across a neutral floor of wood and stone, and tucked between stepping stones […]

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